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Custom Family Genealogy books available containing your research

    I have the ability to create a custom family genealogy book for every family I research. Please inquire about the features of this book and costs.

    The Descendants of Michael “Reis” Rice 1750-1821
    (2008). Two Volumes, fully indexed, approximately 1,350 pages containing 77 photographs

    The Ancestors of Catherine Magdelina Staub (2011), One Volume, no indexing requested by the client, 75 pages containing 6 photographs

    The Descendants of Johan Georg “Weil” Wiles 1726-1801 (2011). Four Volumes, fully indexed, approximately 2,500 pages containing 100 photographs

    Janet’s Book of Wolfe - The Descendants of Eli and Susan (Page) Wolfe (2012). One Volume, fully indexed, approximately 100 pages containing 20 photographs

    The Descendants of Michael “Reis” Rice 1750-1821 Edition II (2012). Two volumes, fully indexed, approximately 1,400 pages containing 100 photographs