“If you’re looking for a top notch genealogist in the Frederick area then Bob Fout is your man!”
—Marcia B., South Carolina


Bob Fout

Over the course of the 40+ years that I’ve devoted to genealogical research, I’ve amassed a large collection of records that have helped me along the way. The purpose of this new link on my website is to share these records with fellow researchers who can freely view and print copies from this collection. These records are not indexed (searchable by name) at this time, but are arranged chronologically by date. The records that are currently available follow below. NOTE: Please re-visit this collection as more records will be added in the future.

The viewing of these records requires the use of an Adobe Reader.

Frederick County, MD, Health Department Death Records
The Bob Fout Collection of Frederick County, MD Church Records

These records are published and made available for free by Bob Fout, Genealogist. You may use these records for personal research.  You may not repurpose, republish, or otherwise make these records available to others for personal gain without written consent from Bob Fout.


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